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Kwame Corbett
Kwame Corbett
Queer School™ Professor

About the Instructor

Kwame is a performing arts educator & choreographer, artistic director, and human rights activist. Kwame was born and raised in New York City, where he fought for LGBTQ+ rights and equality using performing arts as a way of bringing awareness to such issues. Kwame has choreographed and directed various showcases and musicals using his training from prestigious schools such as The Ailey School - The official school of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (NY), Broadway Dance Center BDC (NY), and his apprenticeship at The Juilliard School (NY), to name a few. Kwame has also been a cast member of the Off-Broadway Non-Profit Organization cast of City at Peace New York - CAP, Inc., which focused on bringing a voice to social issues through musical theater.

In addition to Kwame’s dance career, he also served in the United States Army. Kwame continues to be a voice for equal human rights through his performance art and social media. Kwame is the managing producer of Pyro Media Network (PMN). He also is a co-host on Blaze Entertainment Podcast & I’d Rather Not Podcast (currently available on PMN) where he uses his platform to continue to bring awareness about social injustice and inequality.

The course is called "Validity". It will focus on 1a) It get's better: introducing myself and discussing my journey as a gay black man 1b) The Foundation of Acceptance: learning to accept who you are first before expecting others to do so. 2) Building your safe space: Discerning the people, places, and things you need to create a safe space. 3a) I am not a second class citizen: exploring the concerns LGBTQI+ face and will potentially face with the trump administration and today’s current social climate 3b) I am not a second class citizen part 2: exploring the issues LGBTQI+ minorities face and will potentially face with the trump administration and today’s current social climate 4) My valid Identification: discussing how YOU own YOU. The importance of building and identifying who YOU are first before entering the LGBTQI+ world What will I get out of this course?

As a "young" (whether by age or experience) LGBTQI+ individual you get in the, what I call, "the honeymoon" phase. You are discovering new feelings, thoughts, people and more. This course will help you focus and provide you with the necessary tools to combat bigotry, self-destruction & doubt, insecurities, and potential dangers that are present in the LGBTQ+ community and more.

Course Contents

2 Surveys
2 Texts
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