Q: What is Queer School™ really about?

A: Queer School™ is about serving the marginalized within the marginalized. Too many individuals within the LGBTQ community feel as though they are not perceived as worthy or valuable for one reason or another. We desire to eradicate the mindset that proves this thought to be true.

Q: What is so unique about Queer School™?

A: Queer School™ is a living and breathing training and development platform specifically created for the LGBTQ community. Rather than repurposing content from straight agencies, all information here is created with YOU in mind.

Q: How much does it cost to join and benefit from Queer School™?

A: It is our intent that we keep the essentials in the online training portal absolutely free.

Q: How do we approach providing care to LGBTQ/TGIQ humans?

A: We define safe and affirming care for TGIQ folks by allowing them to be themselves without judgement of their identities.

Q: When will Queer School™ launch for users that are interested?

A: Queer School™ will be available February 14, 2017.

Q: Where can I find Queer School™ on social media?

A: You may follow us at the following:




Q: What organization is behind Queer School™?

A: The organization responsible is the Leveaux Foundation™.

Q: What do I do if I would like to be a professor for Queer School™?

A: If you are interested in being a professor please send an email to with the subject "Professor Interest".

Q: Where may I find a press release about Queer School™?

A: You can find the press release HERE

Q: How do you protect user confidentiality?

A: We protect confidentiality by allowing the user to control their virtual identity, allowing them a password protected platform and never sharing any information that they provide. We also do not require parental consent.