Course Description

The purpose of "Queer Questions" is to provide a safe and engaging place where those that identify as LGBTQ and those that still on the path may seek information. Regardless if you are 15 or 55, your inquiry is respected and answered.

Queer School Professor

Asa Leveaux

Asa Leveaux grew up with a burning desire for knowledge. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Asa grew up the oldest of five siblings. His role as eldest sibling catapulted him to leadership roles within his family dynamic making it easy for him to continue to lead throughout his academic career. With multiple degrees, an AS in Liberal Studies, a BA in Administrative Leadership, and certification in Behavioral Health Rehabilitation, Asa’s path was clear.His expertise in business development through an extensive study of coaching technologies, philosophies, and various profile assessment tools. Asa has coached and mentored actors, singers, and others in the entertainment business, fitness, health, and wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and more. He has also been a professional speaker for many organizations that reach out to the disenfranchised, including youth and people trying to re-enter the workforce. Asa founded Genius Academy™ which promotes personal success through the implementation of key strategies that are encouraged through inspiration and tactical execution. Genius Academy™ is a resource and network for individuals who as entrepreneurs main goal is seeing their ideas through from fruition to success. Leveaux has written bestselling books on a number of topics including “I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men” and “I Am Woman Enough: 365 Affirmations for Women” which encourages daily with notes, quotes and stories that help women and men put their lives into perspective. Asa leverages his unparalleled skillset to propel his own success as well as the growth of his colleagues and clients.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Coming Out

    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning coming out?

    • Answers to coming out "Queer Questions".

    • Your Experiences: Coming

  • 2


    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning sex?

    • Answers to sex "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Sex

  • 3

    Professional Life

    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning professional life?

    • Answers to professional life "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Professional Life

  • 4


    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning spirituality?

    • Answers to spirituality "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Spirituality

  • 5


    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning parenting?

    • Answers to parenting "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Parenting

  • 6


    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning lifestyle?

    • Answers to lifestyle "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Lifestyle

  • 7


    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning race?

    • Answers to race "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Race

  • 8


    • What "Queer Questions" do you have concerning mindset?

    • Answers to mindset "Queer Questions"

    • Your Experiences: Mindset